A Prairie Girl’s Faith By Stephen Hines

Since the Laura Ingalls Wilder books were published starting in 1932, they have been much loved and classics for children throughout generations including girls, boys and adults alike. Count me among those that love her books. I was excited to read this book and get a closer glimpse into the author’s background and her relationship with the Lord. The family’s trust in God was their foundation. I found it very interesting not only to learn details of how that faith had an impact in her life, marriage, and her daughter Rose’s life.
It was eye-opening and not quite what I expected. The author’s attention to detail gave the reader a true picture of how Laura’s reliance on God and His Word molded her daily life and her writings. The book gives information and insight into a very personal part of Ms. Wilder’s life I have not seen in other books.
Mr. Hines points out that in the first eight, Little House on the Prairie, books there are a multitude of references to scriptures, praying, and hymns, many of which he shows in the book. Did you know that approximately 126 songs are cited in Laura’s books, the majority being hymns and religious songs?! Without television, radio, or internet, music was a much enjoyed and cherished past time. This entertainment was a treat to most, to be enjoyed during rare social gatherings. The Wilder family was blessed that Laura’s dad played the fiddle; therefore music played a major role in home life. I liked the author’s many references to scriptures and hymns throughout.
One chapter I particularly enjoyed was “The Church Pot Luck”, one all us ladies can relate to! It is filled with authentic recipes from six women that knew Laura and her family, and one from Ma Ingalls! The author’s sister kindly adapted the measurements and oven temperatures so readers could enjoy making them too!
This was a fascinating read! I enjoyed learning more about Laura, giving depth to her wonderful books!
I received this book from Blogging for books in exchange for an honest review. All the opinions I have stated are my own.


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