Flirtation Walk By Siri Mitchell

Lucinda Curtis didn’t have a typical upbringing. Her mother died when she was young. Her Dad was a con-artist and not only taught her everything he knew, but also employed her as part of his devious escapades. It is all she has ever known until one day she gets word he is dead.
She finds herself penniless and homeless. Her only option to go to her uncle’s house in West Point, New York. He cut all ties with her mother when she married her father. They are a very respectable family, and her uncle is a professor at the academy. Their reception of her is not quite welcoming, but they allow her to stay. She soon wins them over with her desire to help and charming personality.
Lucinda does her best to fit in and tries to turn around from her dishonest ways.
She is determined to change and put her past behind her but the old ways of thinking are hard to shake off.
She meets Seth Westcott a cadet at West Point. He is everything she has never been, upstanding, hardworking, and honest. He captures her heart but she feels she is not worthy of him. Seth has his own problems. He wants to go home and help his sister who has been swindled out of the family farm but the military will not give him permission. He decides to cast aside his good grades, perfect conduct and become a “bad” boy with the help of some not so upstanding cadets so he will be discharged.
This pre-Civil war historical novel is great. I love the characters, so many different personalities, and attitudes! Learning about the life of the cadets and some of the antics that went on was extremely interesting. I learned so much about the academy during this era. There are lots of unexpected twists and surprises along the way! The author beautifully shows how complete God’s forgiveness is and not matter how bad your past, He always has a new beginning!
.I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers.


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