That Rule Doesn’t Apply To Me! By Julia Cook

Most kids hate rules! They put restrictions and guidelines on them that require obedience and self-control. Noodle shares their feelings and as usual he has oodles of attitude about following them. He resolves this issue by deciding most of them don’t apply to him! Noodle goes through a mental list of a few rules in his life and decides they all “STINK”!
At school when confronted for breaking a rule he explains why he is exempt from it. He is continually being called down his teacher which only annoys him more. One day his teacher gives an assignment to write a poem for homework. Noodle decides write one entitled “Rules Stink”. In rhyme (just as the teacher assigned) he proceeds to prove his point.
His Mom isn’t very impressed with his poetry. She talks to him about how rules are there to help him and without them life would really STINK. Finally understanding the importance of these guidelines, he rewrites his poem. It sounds the same but there is a surprise ending!
Following rules is a major part of life. Children need to learn this at a very young age because adulthood has even more rules to follow! This delightful fun book gets the point across in the special way only Ms. Cook can reach them.
At the end of the book the author shares 10 tips to teach children to follow rules. They are excellent!
I love these books!! Go to to see more of the author’s books!


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