Busy, Busy! By Eileen Spinelli

I love board books for toddlers! Their sturdy pages and washable surface make it a great introduction for little ones to enter the world of reading. The book is their own to explore and enjoy without any restrictions. I appreciated that this book has 20 pages instead of the average of only 12 most offer. That’s more to see and enjoy!
Each page has a colorful illustration of a different animal smiling as they do their job. This also helps a child see the “work” each animal does that is unique to its species. This adds learning to the fun!
We live in a day and age of constant busyness. Children, with no concept of responsibility, have difficulty understanding why adults have so much to do. Ms. Spinelli’s book shows children that everyone has lots to do, even the animals. Yet no matter how full the schedule the child is still important and there is always time for them.
A very sweet book with a very important message: Children are always important!
I received this book free from Worthy Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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