Room for Hope By Kim Vogel Sawyer

This one of those rare books with such a unique story line, that you don’t want it to end, you want to keep the book to read it again, and you want to share it with others! I have always enjoyed Ms. Sawyer’s books, but this I rate this one at the very top!
It is 1936, the Great Depression, but Neva Shilling feels beyond blessed, two beautiful children and an incredible man, Warren Shilling. Her love for him knows no bounds. Her family wants for nothing, thanks her hardworking husband. In fact they live in luxury. She hates the fact he is gone every other month purchasing stock for their store she runs in his absence. His homecomings are an occasion for a great celebration.
She is preparing for just such a time when she hears a wagon. Rushing out to greet her husband, she is surprised to see it is a deputy with a large wagon. Jesse Caudle sadly informs her “brother”; Warren Shilling and his wife are dead. They died of food poisoning and before he passed, he asked that certain items and furniture be delivered to her. There is more. In the back of the wagon are 3 frightened children of the deceased couple sent to live with their “aunt” Neva.
Shocked, she directs him as to where the store the items and takes the children inside. In the midst of such shattering agony and betrayal she immediately begins to take care of the children. She doesn’t share the situation with the deputy, or her children, or anyone for that matter. She bears the burden alone with the Lord has her Guide. Trusting Him to provide for her as a widow with now, 5 little ones to feed and clothe. What is she to do? Give the children up? They are innocent victims and growing up in an orphanage herself, she knows that is no life for a child. Yet she has no desire to expose her husband or bring a lifetime of rejection and shame on her children or these pathetic orphans.
Her problems continue to multiply as her son begins to rebel, a rival store owner pressures her to sell to him; she is rejected by even her church when the truth is revealed about the children, and a serious emergency threatens to break her.
Neva and her predicament wrapped tight around my heart. She shows forth love, forgiveness, mercy, and astounding faith in God. Neva continues to display concern and care for others in need. Her desire to do what was right in the Lord’s eyes, regardless of the sacrifice and consequences to herself is painful to read but uplifting to my spirit. This is a one of a kind book!
I received this book free from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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