But It’s Not My Fault By Julia Cook

How many times do parents and teachers hear this little phrase, “But it’s not my fault!” Once again in her accomplished way, Ms. Cook addresses solution for a common childhood problem of not wanting to take responsibility for their actions.
Noodle is at it again, being a kid and having trouble blaming everyone else for his mistakes. No matter if his blunders or large or small, they are all someone else’s fault, to the point of being ridiculous! My favorite was when he was called down for interrupting and he said, “But it’s not my fault! My mouth is addicted to talking!” The blame game may seem innocent in a child but if not corrected they grow to be adults who live their lives as victims and are never responsible for any mistakes.
Ms. Cook’s words of insight and wisdom come through Noodle’s Mom. I like the way the story hits at the heart of the problems without having an accusatory tone. This way the children have the opportunity to look at themselves without feeling the need to defend, or blame!! Another favorite point made in the book is “Blaming others is a reason but it’s not an excuse.”
I had my 10 year old granddaughter and 13 year old grandson read the book. When they finished each one had a sheepish look and said, “I do this. . . sometimes”. Both said it helped them see they need to own up for what they do. Also that it affects those around them. Someone could get in trouble for what they falsely accused them of. Plus blame causes conflict and hard feelings among friends and family. At the end are very helpful ideas to guide children in overcoming this bad habit. Engaging, vibrant illustrations, sound wisdom, and written from a child’s viewpoint. Go to http://www.juliacookonline.com to see more of Julia Cook’s amazing books!


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