Baditude! What to Do When Your Life Stinks! By Julia Cook

The title of this book is the perfect word to describe a bad attitude. Children and adults all experience them. As adults we are mature enough to know we have a lousy attitude, but a child is not always able to recognize it. They don’t understand why they feel the way they do and certainly have no clue how to remedy it. Their mood spirals out of control until their actions are out of control too!
The story follows “Noodle”, Norman David Edwards. Noodle feels he has had a very bad day from the time he gets up until he comes home from school. There is just one irritating, unfair incident after another. To Noodle everything “STINKS” and is unfair. His mood escalates until by the time he arrives home he mad. As he shares the day’s events with his mom she begins to point out the positive things he is overlooking gives him some very useful insights and tools to deal with his overpowering emotions and clouded thinking.
The concepts and ideas Ms. Cook shares are easy to understand and eye opening. Her communication skills and experience as a school counselor are evident. In addition to reading the book, I also had a 10 and 13 year old read it. Both children enjoyed the book said it made them very thoughtful about when they have a “baditude”. Each one said the story helped them realize that they need to focus on the positive side of their life more. One said that it helped them see that their sour disposition affects those around them and it can put others in a bad mood too.
At the back of the book are 10 tips to teach a child to change a negative attitude into a positive one. Eye catching illustrations, sound wisdom, and written from a child’s viewpoint. A great to help children (and it wouldn’t hurt adults to read it either!) I can’t wait to read more of Ms. Cook’s books! Go to to see more of them!


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