To Capture Her Heart by Rebecca DeMarino

What a wonderful historical Christian romance! It has so many things going for it than just being well written and a great story! It is clear the author has meticulously researched the time, 1653, and details about the European settlers in America. In addition, some of the characters are based on some descendants Ms. Demarino’s personal family tree. All this combined develops some realistic characters and helps the reader slip into their era and lives. Another big plus for me was the strong spiritual center to the story, played out in the their lives.. There was a lot of scripture application which I am sure was a part of the original setters existence, to be able to handle all the hardships they faced.
The book begins with Heather Flower, Indian princess of the Montaukett tribe, lying bound and left to die after an attack of the fierce Narragansett tribe. It had been her wedding day, and she was about to marry the man she had grown up with and loved, only to watch him be murdered in cold blood. After ransom was paid, instead of releasing her the rival tribe left her helpless and alone. Thirteen other women were taken but she had no idea if her friends were dead or alive.
As part of a search party, Dutch Lt. Dirk Van Buren comes to her rescue. There is an immediate spark between them. To heal from her tragic loss she goes to live with her aunt and her tribe. Nearby is an English settlement that has been close friends to her family since she was small. There also lives Benjamin Horton a childhood friend who has always loved Heather Flower. He wants very much to make her his wife. Her emotions are in turmoil. She still grieves over the loss of her husband yet she is drawn to both of the men? What should she do?
The author did a beautiful and skillful job of simultaneously presenting the daily details of the individual characters daily lives and their relationships with one another too. Along with this, she included historical details in many areas: politics, European and Indian customs, work, home life, childbirth, challenges and much more. Each character was well developed and their particular personalities made them seem very real. Add to all this a surprise ending!
I have not read the 1st book of the series, A Place in His Heart, but I am definitely going to! This book stood alone but I am anxious to read what led up to the story. At the end is a sneak peek at book number 3 that is coming. Can’t wait!
I received this book free from the Revell Publishing. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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