Laugh-Out-Loud Pocket Doodles for Girls By Rob Elliott, Illustrator Jonny Hawkins

What a wonderful surprise! Good clean fun, entertainment for kids! This book is just the right size to take anywhere anytime. It fits in the palm of my hand, so I know it is easy for a child to carry. All you need is a pencil, but if you want to bring crayons or markers that would be a bonus. I suggest a pencil so if the child wants to “re-do” a part; they can erase and start over. My mind is spinning with ideas for this book! Great for keeping your children or grandchildren entertained on trips, waiting for appointments, waiting rooms, running errands (which kids hate!), when you are in a meeting with another adult, and there is nothing for the kids to do. The possibilities are endless as there are many times and places you need something for kids to pass the time quietly. I love the fact it is something that will spark imagination and creativity. Better yet it is something OTHER THAN an electronic device. It will also make a wonderful gift, and because of how wholesome the content it can be used for door prizes or gifts in your church! It is suggested for kids 9 – 12 but I see it working for ages 5 – 80! Children love silly jokes and riddles. This book is packed with 220 of them. Each page shares a riddle/joke. Below it is the answer. There are illustrations that are not completely finished. A suggestion is given on how the child can finish the picture. Be prepared as they will not only want to share their pictures with you but also read you the jokes! For getting a few extra miles out of the book, the children can color the pictures and then save the book to have their very own personalized joke book to enjoy over and over. This book is designated for girls but boys will enjoy it just as much. Hours of fun and amusement! Buy more than one so the kids can do new illustrations for the jokes. One time around will not be enough!


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