1 Peter: Finding Encouragement in Troubling Times – Week 9

Wow, 9 weeks has gone by so fast! In all other countries the elderly are respected and esteemed. The younger generation looks to their widsom and insight from the years of experience. Amberica is one of the few countries where this is not so. It saddens me becasue the older generations have so much to teach and share.
On the other hand I see many older people being hypercritical of the younger ones. While they may not agree with their dress, music and other choices. The older people must look at the inward person of each youth and seek to minister and reach there. All the things they are exposed to in media, school, and the world in general gives them the message that they aren’t measuring up. They need our love and time.
It is essential for older people to encourage the younger. Who else will. Their peers are usually competing with them and going through their own struggles and confusion. The Bible tells us to encourage one another and that includes the youth.
If a church offers such a program that is great, but I believe it is a responsibility of each individual to reach out. That would be like saying my church doesn’t have a program for witnessing so I can’t do it.
Satan wants our youth and the future of God’s work under his control. It is up to us to pass the torch and guide those stepping into our shoes


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