Ruth’s Redemption by Marlene Banks

Ruth’s Redemption was different than any historical novel I have read. I found it extremely interesting and entertaining. It is the first fiction novel I have read about the life of slaves before the Civil War.
The story gave a great deal of detailed information into the lives of both extremes of slavery; the free landowning slave and a female slaved used strictly for breeding purposes. I especially liked the fact that while the story is fiction the basis for it is true.
I was heartbroken and sickened at the atrocities these people faced. Bo Peace bought a terribly abused female slave name Ruth. His plan was to let her heal and give her the gift of freedom he enjoyed. She was defiant, very damaged emotionally and unreachable. Gradually Bo’s Christ like kindness and patience began to touch her and she opened up. So filled with bitterness and hatred she had trouble understanding unconditional love of man and God.
I appreciated the strong faith in God of the main characters. Throughout the story there was a lot of scripture and strong biblical principles. These were woven throughout the story and shown in the lives of the characters as they applied them.
I was intrigued not only with the glimpse of the day to day life of slaves in the 1800’s, but also a detailed looked at the racial prejudice and extreme ill-treatment of all Negros. The story was well written, Christian values strong and historical insight fantastic. Definitely one I would urge all my friends to read this book!
I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers for the purpose of this review.


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