Be Held By Him Companion Guidebook, By Karen Brough

This guidebook/workbook knocks it out of the park!!!  Ms. Brough’s book is incredible in itself.  People can share their experiences when they write about their story, and others can relate to it finding help from their example but this Guidebook takes you well beyond that. She gives you the tools to work through your own personal challenges applying what you have learned from her testimony.

I was so impressed with her book, Be Held By Him and how Ms. Brough poured herself into it, but now this amazing guidebook!   It is truly a gift of love to help others not only overcome their painful trials, but also draw closer to the Lord, find comfort and peace in Him.

Each chapter is titled with a key name to focus on in your journey.  They are divided into seven different parts that encompass so much concerning the area.  1. Take Aways – Summarized main thoughts. 2. Questions to Ponder – These help you look within and apply what you have learned. 3. Journal Space. 4. Playlist – suggested songs to listen to. 5. Activations/ Applications – 8  different categories with suggestions of different ways to spend time with God. Musical, Visual, Logical, Kinesthetic/Bodily, Intrapersonal, Verbal, Interpersonal, and Naturalistic.  I have never seen anything like this before and it is very unique. 6. Blessing – Blessings that we receive from God and don’t even think about. Especially in the midst of great suffering. I am so impressed with the thoroughness and detailing of the author in writing to help the reader.  A book you will want and will use over and over. The possibilities are endless!

I received a copy of this book from the author through Eblast in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.


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