Where the Road Bends By Rachel Fordham

Norah King has lost both her parents, has no living family, and is about to lose her land.  It isn’t just land per se; it is part of her childhood and a deep connection to her parents.  So strong is her bond to it that she is prepared to marry a man she barely knows.  He will save her, save her land, and they will grow to care about each other, right?

While walking around her precious farm she finds an injured man about to be lunch to the vultures.  Moved with compassion, she manages to get him back to her house, call a doctor and care for him until he recovers.  Quincy Barnes has had a less than respectable life, finding himself pretty much and the end of his rope before Nora found him. 

Something magical happens between the two.  Love blooms and she instills hope in him to start over.  Their relationship would jeopardize her plans to save her heritage, and Quincy has nothing to offer in the way of help.  With a heavy heart he leaves.  Two years later their paths cross again and he I able to help her. 

This is a beautiful romance but it is more than just that.   Two very different people face crushing setbacks, heart breaking circumstances and seemingly insurmountable odds.  Yet they do not falter in seeking God’s guidance and encouragement.    

I loved the way they were both total opposites but their deep love moved them to put one another first.  They faced such severe circumstances but overcame each one, alone and together with grace and faith.  A heartwarming and touching story you will want to read!

I received this book from Revell Publishing through LibraryThing Early Reviewers. The opinions stated are my own.


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