A Heart Adrift By Laura Frantz

Laura Frantz writes the most amazing books, but this one in my opinion tops them all!  Every time I read one of Ms. Frantz’s books I learn so much about the time in history.   Not just new facts but she matches the emotions and thoughts of those during that era.  Talk about a great history lesson that is super entertaining!

It is 1755 during colonial America in the colony of Virginia.

Esmee Shaw and Captain Henri Lennox were deeply in love and destined for the altar that is until a lover’s spat caused them to part ways, 10 years ago!!!  Fast forward 10 years later and she is 28 years old, an old maid for sure in those times!  She has settled into the life of caring for her deceased mother’s chocolate shop and her father.  She longs for more but what?  She won’t admit it but Henri still holds her heart.  

Much to her confusion and surprise, Captain Lennox returns home after all these years at sea.  He has no doubt his love for Esmee has never died and wants to restore their relationship.  With love, nothing is ever simple.  Because of his bravery and expertise as a sea captain, the government asks him to complete a dangerous and secret mission.  His commitment to the sea was the cause of their parting in the beginning.  Can he turn his back on his country for love?

There is so much more to this book.  It was unique in that when you thought the story was ending, it surprises you with new, different, and exciting developments!  I loved this!   

I immediately became immersed not only in their love story but also in the complicated and trying lives the colonists lived.   Reading about politics, rules of society, daily life, handling illness, survival and those less fortunate during this era made this more than a novel, it became an experienceWhat resonated most with me was the characters strong faith and reliance on God.  Very inspirational!  I would so like to see a sequel to this book. It was an honor to read and review it before publication!


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