A View Most Glorious By Regina Scott

Coraline Baxter was not your average woman for the late 1800’s.  She was a mixture of that era’s women’s libber and a proper lady that followed all the social customs of time.  A suffragette, college graduate, intelligent, creative but she had definite ideas about what she wanted in life.  On the other hand she totally under the thumb of her overbearing, social snob of a mother.  She couldn’t’ seem to truly stand up to her.

To escape her mother’s choice for her marriage to Cash Kincaid, a creepy (in my opinion) socially successful business man, she came up with a plan.  Her suffrage group had a publicity idea to draw attention to women’s votes: climb Mount Rainier.  Somehow she persuades her mother to agree to call off the wedding if she is successful.  I am sure her mother agreed because this was considered close to impossible for a woman, especially one of the “elite” like Coraline.

She sets her sights on hiring the best climbing guide there is, Nathan Hardee.  He was once big among the wealthy social circles until he left it all behind for a reclusive life in the woods.  Not a woman to be told no, other than by her mother, she pursues him until he agrees.  The clincher is Coraline has zero climbing experience not in the best of shape.  To add to the difficulty her not so healthy stepfather was the only man available to chaperone her.  The odds were stacked against her. The story that ensues is filled with adventure, excitement, the unexpected and beautiful scenic descriptions that will ae your breath away! I found it incredible how inadequate their clothing and climbing gear was compared to what is available today!  BRRRRR.  This made the climb an even greater accomplishment. 

Coraline’s courage, spunk and sweet spirit won me over!  I was impressed that with her snobbish upbringing she was still so loving and accepting of everyone, even those that then would have been considered lower class.

Nathan Hardee’s showed such character and integrity, despite his disappointments and bitterness from his past.  His strong desire to protect Coraline and her stepfather truly touched me.

Throughout the book I just wanted to shake her mother.  Her arrogance and attitude of superiority were extremely frustrating.  I realized later that all of her misguided attempts to steer her daughter’s future were out of love. She wanted her to have the best and didn’t want Coraline to go through the hard times she had.

I wanted to hug Waldo her stepfather.  Such a sweet, sweet man that managed to balance his love and support for Coraline and his love and understanding of his wife and her abrasive personality. A story you will enjoy and be inspired by!

 I received this book from Revell Publishers in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions stated are my own.


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