Facing the Dawn By Cindy Ruchti

This book is powerful; it will take your breath away!  The author captures the raw truth about parenting, grief, and just how overwhelming life is at times!  She brings you through the story with a kaleidoscope of emotions and circumstances but also with humor, reminding how God is with us in every moment we face.

Mara is what you might call a “single” married Mom.  Her husband is a humanitarian in Uganda providing water and wells for the impoverished. She has been keeping the home fires burning with working and dealing with her 3 children. The two teenagers are in full rebellion, and her sweet preteen is always her bright spot.  Everyone is missing and needing Dad.   She battles resentment for him not being there for his own family and guilt because of the importance of his work.

Then the real bottom falls out. She suffers 2 devastating life changing catastrophes.  Her world and life are turned upside down and she is paralyzed by the events and her family’s future.  Her forever best friend (as she calls her) Ashlee had moved back to town and not a minute too soon. Ashlee’s deep faith and personal journey with brokenness becomes a lifeline for Mara. One she doesn’t want at first. She continually turns Mara back to God and His truths. Ashlee never gives up, nudging her forward when she wants to give up.   I sure wish I had an Ashlee in my life.  Ruchti brings lightness to such heavy moments with Mara’s wonderful sense of humor.  The humorous thoughts you have in serious times that are so inappropriate and tactless that you dare not speak them out loud

I have not experienced these exact circumstances but I could relate to Mara’s pain and confusion.  What it is like to be incapacitated emotionally, physically and spiritually to the point you are helpless.   A very moving inspirational story! 

I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  The thoughts expressed are my own.


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