That Way and No Other By Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael is one of my two favorite female missionaries. From the 1st time I started reading her books she had an enormous impact on my spiritual life. She writes like no other author I have ever read. Her words reach deep into you that inspire, convict and open your eyes. I believe her writing is so powerful because she led a totally committed life to the Lord and doing the work he called her to do. She lived life of total sacrifice, something that is rare in any era.
The first part of this book introduces the reader to who Amy was with two short biographies. The following 6 chapters are excerpts from her books. Her wisdom and spiritual insights are dynamic! The subjects she covers are varied. All are fruits of her 55 years on the mission field and the incredible challenges she faced. I wanted to underline, memorize and line after line. This book will inspire you in ways you can’t imagine!


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