The Christmas Bus By Melody Carlson

I have to say I am adding this one to my top favorites of her books her Christmas books. You and your spouse are empty nesters, Christmas is near and you are excited to have all your children and their families return home to celebrate. Then one by one you get the call that no one can come.  This is what happened to Charles and his wife Edith.  He pastors the only church in the small town of Christmas Valley and has for many years.  It was a close knit community.  They run a cozy bed and breakfast which is also their home.  Instead of leaving the 5 rooms empty for their children as she has the last 17 years, Edith decides to make the best of the situation. They will rent the rooms out and treat their guests to a family Christmas atmosphere.  The couple prayed about who the Lord would send as their guests.  And boy did He send them a mix of personalities and characters! Each one had a special struggle in their life.  The Inn was festively decorated, homemade cookies, wonderful meals what more could anyone want?  Edith’s homey Christmas turns into quite a juggling act, with the conflicts of not only with their guests, but also grumpy church members. 

This book was so entertaining!  All Edith’s preparation and special touches made me feel all warm and fuzzy.  It is filled with all the touches that make the holiday season so special. I loved how she turned to the Lord in prayer for each hurdle she faced. There is humor and lots of surprises along the way.  I am keeping this book to read again.  Ms. Carlson out did herself again!  


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