A Glitter of Gold By Liz Johnson

This was a fun exciting read! Anne has made some bad choices. Finding it difficult to face the shame and embarrassment in her home town, she moves away for a new start. Just wanting to, well hide, she comes to Savannah, Georgia hoping for a fresh start. There she attempts to start a tour company. Dressed up in pirate garb she takes tourists, hungry for adventure, on excursions to historical spots, regaling them with stories of famous pirates. The picture of cute girl on the front with the sassy look definitely captured Anne’s personality!
Struggling with her finances a facing defeat she was very discouraged, until while walking on the beach after a storm she finds a sword hilt sticking out of the sand. She hopes it will be of great value and allow her to remain in Georgia. She sneaks our Carter Hale, the director of a small museum that was also facing a lack of funds. He believes the hilt may prove the shipwreck of a famous pirate ship that had never been proven to exist. They consult a pirate’s diary from 1750 for clues. Journal entries from book are shown throughout the story. This I really enjoyed!!! It added to the excitement!
While Carter and Anne are both on the same page about verifying shipwreck and the hilt’s authenticity they are going in totally different directions in other areas. This causes conflicts in their budding relationship. Aunt Tessie was precious. Her scriptural wisdom and sweet spirit drew me to her character. All in all, God clearly has a plan for both Carter and Anne to heal from wounds they are carrying.


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