The Forgiving Jar By Wanda E. Brunstetter

The author’s great reputation as a writer drew me to the book, but also something a bit odder. The word jar in the title! I love jars and using them for something more than food. A journal jar, a “why I love you jar’, my list could go on. In the end the wonderful story of mercy and compassion were the best part! I have not read the previous book to this series but I it can be read as a standalone.
I fell in love with Willis and Ruth Lapp! They are such a sweet elderly couple with such wisdom and love for others. Sara grew up without knowing the Lapps were her grandparents. After discovering they were her family she visited them only to find a young woman had been impersonating her! The impersonator, Michelle leaves and Sara returns home to work. The dentist she works for retires leaving her jobless. She decides to move Strasburg and make it her home. Hoping to live with her grandparents until she finds a job and a home, she is filled with anticipation. Everything comes crashing down when she arrives and finds Michelle has returned and apologized for her deception. Much to Sara’s chagrin the Lapps had not only forgiven her but allowed her to move in again! Sara is more than furious she is seething with anger! With Michelle and her in close quarters her bitterness festers even more and consumes her. She turns green with envy at the love and closeness the Lapps share with Michelle. Willis and Ruth are well aware of the girls’ conflict but continue to bath them in prayer and affection. Sara finds a jar hidden in the cellar filled with Bible verses and notes on forgiveness. Rather than letting the truths touch her, she hardens her heart and nurses her grudges. Michelle finds it difficult to deal with Sara’s animosity and hostility, but works hard at turning the other cheek and applying God’s Word.
I love the way true scriptural forgiveness is played out in this story! The author vividly captures resentment and bitter attitude that is displayed by those who refuse to forgive an offender. She also displays the strength and peace that comes from obeying God’s command to forgiven others as He has forgiven us. A beautiful story! I liked the bonus of the Amish recipes at the end of the book. I am looking forward to reading the other two books in The Prayer Jars series!


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