On A Summer Tide By Suzanne Woods Fisher

What a fun book! Whenever I pick up a book by Ms. Fisher I know I will enjoy it!
Since his wife passed away, Paul Grayson not on struggles with what to do with his future, but missing his daughters and the family connection they shared. He comes up with (what he feels) is not only a brilliant, fulfilling idea, but something that will bring his family back together. He buys Camp Kicking Moose on the coast of Maine which gives him 51 % ownership of an island! The purchase is sight unseen with only the memories of how it used to be when he met his wife there.
His three daughters upon hearing the news are not as excited as Dad. They think he has lost his mind and even more so when they see the camp! All the sisters’ relationships have drifted apart. Different isn’t an adequate word to describe their pursuits, personalities and quirks. Now Dad throws this into the mix. They travel to the camp on their fathers’ insistence at which point they are SURE he is mentally unstable! The cabins and buildings have disintegrated, the caretaker’s home is in need of huge repairs and the few inhabitants are unhappy about the new owner. These modern sisters cannot even fathom poor internet and cell phone connections, not to mention the rustic accommodations.
As this dysfunctional family is confronted with changes, situations and choices they never dreamed of, they do what most people do, fight it on every level. But as this mountain they deem as a nightmare does not budge, things begin to happen within them. The girls are force to slow down and detach from their crazy lives causing them to have a different view of what’s important, who is important, and what they really want to do with their futures. These transitions are inspiring to the reader. It reminds me of how we can all be blinded to and trapped in day to day life forgetting to allow God to speak and guide us. It made me long for a quieter simpler time and place. Don’t get me wrong the book isn’t all seriousness. There was lots of humor! The vomiting cat had me in stitches! I cannot wait for the next book in this series!


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