God’s Hostage By Andrew Brunson

This book is very emotionally charged to read. Pastor Andrew Brunson and his wife Norrine had served as a missionary’s wife in Turkey for 23 years. Their love of the people and commitment to sharing the gospel with them ran deep. So much so they applied for a permanent visa and make the country their forever home. In 2016 they were both arrested. Norrine was shortly released but Andrew remained imprisoned for 735 days in horrible conditions. He was accused of being a spy and a terrorist. His is an incredible story of being persecuted for righteousness sake.
I applaud and admire Andrew’s courage to be transparent about his thoughts, emotions and testing of his faith. He didn’t pretend to be the hero or a super saint, just the real deal.
While I have never been imprisoned with false accusations nor faced any of the extreme trials he did, I have experienced emotions and situations in lesser situations that he shared. Andrew speaks of his time of depression, anxiety attacks, hopelessness, thoughts of suicide, fear, and even questioning his faith and God’s existence. Pretty extreme right? Some may read this a judge him. “He is a pastor! He is a Christian! He should have these thoughts and feelings!” Wrong! We are all flesh and of this world. Anyone in circumstances can falter and fall. That does not mean we are not Christ’s. I felt like a failure during those times and that I was probably the only one or a rare few of God’s children to disappoint Him so. I am not happy the author went through these things but it helped me see even His strongest, most dedicated servants waver.
I have felt all of these in times that crushed my spirit and if most Christians were honest they would admit to the same. Satan can put us in a place where his attacks wear one down. He also admitted to needing medication to get through. This is frowned up on in the Christian community.
The bottom line is God delivered him! Did he fail as God’s man? No! He went through the fire and always came back to his Savior and God. As horrific as these events were, he came out stronger and is still serving God. Bravo Pastor Brunson!
I received this book from Baker Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.


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