My God Loves Me Bible By Cecilie Fodor

I think it is so important to introduce little ones to the Bible as young as possible. Bible story books are the best way to do that and the more the better!
This one checks all the boxes with the cute colorful illustrations and durability, as do many do. I like board books for little hands to touch and discover without fear of damage. Also the heavy pages make it easy for munchkin hands to turn the pages. The soft cover is appealing to touch and also passes the sturdy test, but this one goes a step beyond in several ways.
What impressed me the most was the stories. There are a total of 18, each 2 pages long. The page covering pictures are attention getters and illustrate the story very well. One page has the title, scripture references and a paragraph. I was very impressed how in that in very few lines the author not only captured the story but also how it connected the child personally to God. The opposite page has a heart with how God loves them as shown in the Bible story.
The handle is such a great addition! Children love to imitate the adults in their life. Many grownups have Bible covers with handles to carry to church. This was the child can carry their books too. What a wonderful way to instill taking your Bible to church and other places! I habit to instill early! I think it would be a great quite time book for them during services!
A wonderful addition to your youngster’s library and a great gift for showers, holidays, and birthdays!
I received this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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