Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions By Tim Shoemaker

When our girls were growing up family devotions were sometimes hard on all of us. We had them upon rising and all of us were a little bit sleepy. The girls would doze off or lay now so we had to make rules. While we were being obedient parents by spending time in the word with our children, I am not sure how much they remembered! I wish this book were available then and I bet they do too!
It makes the children participants in the devotionals, not a captive audience! Scriptural principles are taught with exciting, fun and very unique ideas. This concept will capture the kid’s attention and make what they are learning memorable. There are 52 devotionals, one for each week of the year! I liked them all but some of my favorites were: “Watermelon Drop, Spudzooka, and Life Lessons from a Graveyard”.
The book begins with the chapter, “Ending the Stop and Start Syndrome.” It has 14 suggestions to help your children get the most of the devotionals, ideas to help you build on being consistent and successful in your family time in the Word. I found these very helpful!
The theme of each devotional is at the beginning. The items needed and advanced preparation for the parent is listed out and very clear. Some of the planning is quite a bit, but isn’t it worth is to teach your children the Bible? Granted it you may not have some of the items suggested but you can easily borrow them from someone who does! Or better yet come up with a creative substitution.
Next the author explains how to execute the activity. I was impressed about “Teaching the Lesson”. It isn’t too long but gets to the point and brings up many ideas that might be overlooked. Finally “Summing It Up” helps bring it all together by sharing how the devotional applies to everyday life. I see this book as a win-win for parents and children. The parent will be obeying God and the children will be learning and applying.
I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.


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