If . . . What If? By Tony Myles and Daniel Myles

How I wish we had this book when our girls were growing up! Family devotionals were, let’s say, a little dry most of the time. One of the rules we had was that the girls could not lie down or recline at all or they would fall asleep! Sad I know! If we had had these devotionals we would have never had to make that rule.
There are 365 days of devotions, I liked that! It is important with youth to teach and share God’s Word, but equally important that they see how to apply it to their lives. This book does exactly that. Best of all it is fun, with an essential purpose. The lessons begin with an “If” question to capture everyone’s attention, and getting those “thinking gears” turning. Followed by that is a “What If” question that will stir up discussion. With the family relaxed and talking a scripture reference and though provoking devotional come next. At the end of each one is another “If”, “What If” question that brings the topic home. Some even have suggestions for projects to do individually or as a group. I the found the “There is Hope” inspirational lines on every page, very encouraging. Every 7th day there is a “Catch up, Recap, Grow together, Open up, and Pray”. I plan to use this with my grandchildren and as lessons in our Sunday school class. This is an exceptional book that will make family devotionals something to look forward to, drawing them together and making a lasting impression on young hearts and minds.
BH Publishing provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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