Miriam Daughter of Finnish Immigrants By Diane Dettmann

I will say outright I am a fan of Diane Dettmann and her writings! She uses the same words we all do but somehow she puts them together in a way that draws you in both with her fiction or nonfiction books. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would call it a “cozy read”. The story of her grandparents was so personal I felt as if I were a part of the family and reading about my heritage!
The Great Depression was a very difficult time for those who lived in that era. Reading about their hardships and deprivation made me feel a bit guilty. Our internet goes out for a few hours or we have a power outage and we feel we are suffering. Forget modern conveniences, they had practically nothing, but it was the everyday norm for them. If you add to that being immigrants from another country, learning our ways and language I feel these people had a greater challenge to survive. Their story is far from discouraging or gloomy though! There is so much humor and joy and that makes it all the brighter with the back drop of those times. I found myself laughing over and over at family incidents shared. This memoir was also an in depth history lesson of day to day living and endurance.
I think one of my favorite chapters if I had to choose one was “Mother’s Influence.” Her ingenuity and resourcefulness in caring for her family’s needs was amazing, especially when I think of today’s society of “throw it away and buy a new one”. They didn’t feel underprivileged or lacking; whatever they were blessed with brought the family contentment. A delightful read!
I received this complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


1 thought on “Miriam Daughter of Finnish Immigrants By Diane Dettmann

  1. Good Morning, Narita!Thank you so much for the wonderful review of Miriam Daughter of Finnish Immigrants. My aunt Miriam would be so pleased. We enjoyed working together on the book. She always had a sense of humor and enjoyed life in spite of hardships. Miriam also served in the Army during WWII. Wish I had captured that story, but she didn’t want to share it. She passed away several years ago. I’m glad we captured so many memories about our Finnish family. I am so grateful for your support. I’m in the process of having the book reprinted. It’s been in print for eleven years and the photo of my grandparents original house in the front of the book for some reason has faded. The publisher is working on correcting it. The book is still available on line and hopefully will be replaced soon with the new edition by the publisher. This author life has it’s challenges! The most valuable reward for me as a writer are reviewers like you who take the time and energy to review my books. Connecting with you is truly a blessing!With deep gratitude and lots of hugs, Diane

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