Mending Fences By Suzanne Woods Fisher

When I see a new book by Ms. Fisher I know it will be good! This one was great!
Luke Schrock is an Amish bad boy. He has a loving family, community and strong roots to a simple and good life. He throws it away and finds himself in trouble with the law and in rehab for alcoholism. His Bishop, David and his rehab counselor feel the best way for Luke overcome his problems is return to home to Stoney Ridge and apologize to the people he has wronged. And there is more. He must offer to make amends and ask them how it affected their lives. His list of victims is quite long. This is his last chance and He to “mend fences” and start a new life. Amos and Fern Lapp have offered to bring him into their home, with meals and a place to stay in exchange for work. What a shocker when he finds out his room is in the barn!
Izzy has also been taken in by the Lapps a year ago; she gets to stay in the house of course! She lacks and craves all Luke took for granted; a secure home, a loving family and place to belong. She treasures having these blessings and sees how valuable they are. Luke is intrigued by Izzy. She is quite, even secretive and totally unimpressed by his charms that have always turned the girl’s heads.
I loved this book. The title is so appropriate. I enjoyed watching Luke grow and change as he realized the damage what he considered “innocent pranks” did to so many. It was extremely interesting to look into the lives of those wronged and how it had changed them. I saw his years of selfishness and his attitude of entitlement fall away as he grows spiritually, truly loving and caring for his people.
Izzy is a beautiful soul trapped inside a shell of childhood hurt and resentment. It was painful to see her struggle with trusting even the Lapps and realizing she was loved. I just wanted to hug Amos and Fern. Their challenges and hardships could have easily caused them to abandon Luke and Izzy to focus on their needs but they didn’t. They were so sweet and sincere in their sacrifices to help troubled youth. One of my favorite parts of the books was Luke’s problems with a wily raccoon and Amos’s beloved horse Bob. I was sorry for the book to end, it was that good! It did make me happy to see this is a series another book will be coming!
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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