A Servant Like Jesus By Lee Ann Mancini

Charlie the crab is another one of Ms. Mancini’s charming characters. He is very shy so the first day of school is somewhat daunting to the little fellow. While other kids embrace the special day or are crying for their parents, he decides hiding behind the sink and watching is the best choice. When he witnesses students having trouble getting along he is able to tell the teacher what really happened. The teacher is then prompted to ask him to be her special helper. This was just the ticket to bring Charlie out of hiding. Immediately he quotes his resume of special crab skills that he knows will come in useful. Later that day on a field trip a fellow student accidentally falls into a fire coral and is stung. Without hesitating, Charlie alerts the teacher, and rushes to his classmate’s side, to comfort and pray with him. Thanks to his quick actions the student receives first aid. As the day goes on Charlie realizes not only has he had fun, but that he is brave and able to be a servant like Jesus.
New experiences and places can be overwhelming to youngsters. It might be the first day of school, first time to be left at day care, Sunday school or junior church. Some are so incredibly shy like Charlie that it is painful. Children can relate to the cute, colorful Sea Kids facing the same situation. The little crab’s special abilities were needed and helpful to others. I was amused at all the values Charlies sees in his little “crabby” skills, especially walking sideways! I find this a wonderful illustration to point out each child’s unique God given abilities can be a blessing to those around them and can be used to serve the Lord. Prayer is a powerful message in the story, showing kids they can ask God for help, not only for themselves but others anytime and anywhere. Furthermore young readers can see it is okay to pray out loud in front of others. I also noticed another important encouragement for children to do right. When Charlie told his teacher about the students fighting he demonstrated there is a right time to go to those in authority with a problem. Too many youngsters fear being a “tattle-tale”. This is a wonderful point to discuss with your child the difference between tattling and the responsibility to share important information. This little red crab will help kids realize it if fun to serve others!
This book is another blessing in the series! I love how the author doesn’t just focus on just moral character but Christian values based on God’s word! My youngest Grandson is almost 1 year old and loves books. Red is his favorite color right now so I feel quite sure Charlie the crab, will be his favored Sea kid!
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. The opinions stated are my own.


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