What a Bragger! By Lee Ann Mancini

I am so impressed with this author and series!! Each book focuses on the compassion we should have for others and our relationship with God. Big ideas for such little readers, but Ms. Mancini shares them in delightful and memorable stories.
Adults and children alike have trouble tolerating someone who is always bragging and tooting their own horn. The author helps young ones and adults look at this through God’s eyes. Corey and his friends have had it up to their gills with Melissa blowfish always boasting about her possessions and superiority to the others. This goes on every day. In anger, Corey goes home and shares Melissa’s irritating attitude with his parents. I love that his parents just didn’t agree and join in his gripe session. They gently guided their little boy in showing God’s love and kindness. Upon following her home the next day he finds she is very poor and has nothing. This prompts him to realize his many blessings and thank God for them. With Melissa’s birthday coming up and the teacher planning a surprise party, Corey and his friends pool their money to give her a special gift. What a beautiful example for kids to follow; love and the joy of giving sacrificially! Melissa is overwhelmed by her surprise. She in turn brings thank you notes to all the students. I like this because children don’t write thank you notes anymore; they must be taught to show gratitude. At the end of the book she thanks the Lord for her friends and family. The colorful bright illustrations are attention getters. As with the other books there is a hidden Christian symbol of the fish (cute!) to find. The books are of superior construction and materials and made to last for a long time. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. The opinions stated are my own.


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