The Bride of Ivy Green By Julie Klassen

I have been very fortunate to read the 2 previous books in the Ivy Green series. While I have enjoyed them all I think this one is the very best! I must admit I am very sad it is the last.
I truly believe you could read each book as a standalone, but I wouldn’t. Each one builds on the other. Having read the previous books made this one so much more enjoyable, knowing Jane, Rachel’s and Mercy’s history in Ivy Hill and as friends. I found previous incidents popping into my head from their past. It gave so much depth to their present interactions and experiences in this book.
As with the other novels Ms. Klassen’s attention to detail in setting and experiences made me feel like I was a part of Ivy Hill. Whether it be strolling down the streets or in one of the characters homes, the 1820’s was brought to life.
Old romances are renewed and moved forward, and new ones bloom. The story for me focuses on Jane and Mercy and a new character, Victorine. I found the latter a very exciting and interesting young lady.
Each of the ladies learns valuable lessons in letting go of the past and embracing a new future. As with any prospect of change, they must work through their fears and doubts. I liked how Jane and Mercy both sought God when they did not know which way to go.
I draw pictures in my mind of the characters and mine somewhat changed concerning Mercy. I pictured her as a homely, gaunt, hawk nosed woman. As the story unfolded I realized this was her view of herself as she has not one but two men that find her beautiful! Mercy is also the one that faces the greatest trials and difficulties. She was inspiring with her great faith in God and wanting His will no matter what she thought the outcome might be.
A delightful book! Ms. Klassen doesn’t write any but the best! I hope upon hope that these books will be turned into a TV series!!
I received this book from Bethany Publisher in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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