Lady of a Thousand Treasures By Sandra Byrd

I was delighted with this book!! While there was suspense and mystery, it flowed
so gently. I love historical fiction, and was thrilled that I learned something new
about the Victorian era. The internet is filled with one of kind priceless treasures
and collector’s items most of us would never dream of owning. These opulent
possessions and wealthy buyers also existed during the 1800’s, as did the fakes
and frauds.
The fine art of procuring and evaluating takes great training and skill. Even more so for those of this time who only had a magnifying glass to work with! Eleanor Sheffield had excellent training, growing up in her father and uncle’s business. Her father has died and her aged uncle is unable to run the business. It falls on her shoulders to not only support him and their household but run the Sheffield Brothers. Not only is that a huge undertaking for her as a young woman but was not acceptable in high society, and they were customers!
The man she loves, a childhood friend and son to a wealthy client has not proven to be reliable as a beau. Her heart is distrustful and broken from their past. His father passes away and leaves her and the family firm in charge of making the decision concerning who will inherit his massive costly collection of a thousand treasures. Her choices are his son Harry or the South Kensington Museum.
A woman of integrity she determines to look at every facet to determine who the rightful heir should be, not allowing her heart to get in the way. To choose the museum would assure the firm and her of an elite position and guaranteed financial success in the future. This is much needed as the bill collectors are at the door and they lose everything, but she did not waver in her duty.
I enjoyed the descriptiveness of the items and how their worth was determined. I could see them in my mind’s eye. Eleanor earned my respect and admiration for her loyalty to her family, and to care for them not matter what the sacrifices. She derived her courage and strength through scriptures and prayer. I felt I was a part of her mind as she carefully sought out the truth, comparing the positive and the negative and struggling through her doubts. I appreciated the author’s pure and clean way she included romance in the story.
I promise you the story is exciting! I was sad when I read the last page. I gobbled up detailed historical notes and the end of the book!
I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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