A Defense of Honor By Kristi Ann Hunter

This is my first book of Ms. Hunter’s to read and it has left me wanting to read all of them. I cannot even begin to express how much I liked this book and how well written it is.
In the early 1800’s in England, a young aristocratic woman that found herself expecting out of wedlock had no hope. The standard protocol for the family was to disown her or send her away. Shame and ruin of the family name in society outweighed a daughter’s needs or that of the innocent child. Fathers of these precious babes were far and few between who would step up and take responsibility.
Twelve years earlier Kit left her life of privilege and wealth to embark on the mission to help these unwed mothers and save their children. It was all due to her feeling responsible for her friend, Daphne ending up in the family way. In that time they had grown to a family of 12 children, her, Daphne and another woman named Jess.
Her love and concern for the mothers and children were sincere but she was fueled by her guilt and trying to somehow pay for Daphne’s plight. Her methods of providing for everyone were somewhat underhanded and dark, but she saw it as justifiable with so many lives at stake.
During one of her excursions into London she finds herself being chased and finds retreat hiding behind the plants at an elite ball. Lord Graham Wharton spots her and is captivated by her. Even after she flees he cannot forget her. About this time he is drawn into his friend Oliver’s search for his sister who has disappeared. Unwittingly he finds himself on Kit’s doorstep literally. Secrets unfold, romance blossoms and God begins to work in all their lives.
Not only is this an intriguing novel, but I found it inspirational too. Trust in God was a strong thread that ran throughout the story. I saw how sometimes we think we trust Him and are not. We can get so drawn into “taking care” of ourselves we do not see we have put Him aside. The author also beautifully illustrated how He is taking care of your problems even though the answers have not appeared. I love love, loved this book! I cannot wait to read the next two in the series! You can read the novella that precedes the book, A Search for Refuge for free on Amazon!
I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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