Minding the Light by Suzanne Wood Fisher

I was so happy to get to read this second book in the Nantucket Series! I must admit I was thinking, “How can the author top Phoebe’s Light?”, but she did! It is now the 1800’s and the story of Mary Coffin Starbucks family continues as does her mysterious and treasured diary from 1660.
The last book was such an interesting wealth of information about the life of whalers. This books shares another side of their story, what their families faced while they were out to sea earning a living.
Daphne and Jane Coffin Macy are Mary’s great-great-great granddaughters. Great Mary’s diary has been passed down through the years and falls in to the hands of Daphne. As with the last book, pages of her diary are shared throughout the book.
I cannot imagine having my spouse away for that long of a time, not knowing if he were dead or alive or even to return. The hardships financially and emotionally of the wives, children, and family was incredible as Ms. Fisher so deftly draws the reader into. Look at it from the whaler’s view. How much as his home and family changed in that time? I saw Ren struggle with adapting to home and the difficulties he was presented. After all, the challenges on a ship are far different than those among family and at home. There are so very many adjustments for everyone even though they are blessed to be back.
I always like how Ms. Fisher’s characters, no matter how small, are fleshed out that you feel as you know them and have met them. No matter how many years pass, man’s shortcomings never change nor does virtue and character. Daphne was so sweet and kind, always putting others needs before hers. Her faith and reliance on God was inspiring. You can’t even begin to believe, that she is Lillian’s daughter. Lillian is her opposite, a very bitter, dishonest greedy woman. I think my favorite character was Abraham; Ren’s extremely loyal black officer and friend on Ren’s ship. He had more character in his pinkie than some of the wealthy, “upstanding” citizens of the island.
This story holds more surprises and intrigue than the other book, especially concerning Great Mary’s diary. I even more anxious for the next book to come out!!!
I received this book from Revell publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.


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