Keturah By Lisa T. Bergren

“Keturah” what an unusual name! This is the first thing that drew my attention to the book. The story is as unique as its name. Being the oldest of three girls, responsibility falls heavily on Keturah’s shoulders when they receive word their Father has died. Their mother has already passed on and their Dad was absent much of their lives making his fortune with a plantation on the island in the West Indies. Unfortunately the estate is not doing well and the girls could lose everything. Unable to provide for them Keturah makes the decision to leave their beloved home in England and try to restore the plantation. Also traveling there is her childhood friend Gary Covington with whom her friendship was severed due to his unscrupulous youth. He too hopes to salvage his family plantation and protect the girls.
At a young age she is already a widow and carries the emotional scars of an abusive husband. Not only has this led her vow to never marry but has also made her stubborn, headstrong woman, determined to do everything on her own.
Even for the wealthy sea travel was no piece of cake. I was fascinated by the author’s vivid description of a long sea voyage during that period. It was dangerous, miserable, boring and exhausting. Single women were certainly not safe traveling alone with the sailors and other men on the ship. I have no clue how they survived in the tight space they were given!
Getting there was only a small part of the battle. That era was a “man’s world” and the cruelty, rejection and prejudice against the women was more than I could have imagined. The abusiveness, with which the slaves were treated, broke my heart! Seemingly insurmountable obstacles, loneliness, exhausting work and painful secrets didn’t stop her. Her headstrongness served her well. I admired her strong faith in God and choosing to look at her blessings when all seemed to be falling apart. I learned a many new details about that era. A beautiful story!
I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I stated are my own.


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