1, 2, 3 GOD MADE ME By Pamela Kennedy

When I am reviewing a children’s book I always like to read it to one of my grandchildren if I can and to get their reaction. The closest one to this age is my 2 week old grandson! While know there would not be much of a response, I look forward to reading it to him many times as he grows older.
One thing that impressed me about this board book is that the cover is bound like a regular book. Talk about sturdy! The brightness of the illustrations and pages are dynamic. Sure to keep a small child’s attention.
Each page is written in rhyme. This is not only entertaining but also helps a youngster remember what was read. I see this book growing right along as little ones delight in learning to count, pointing to the pictures as the do. I especially like that while they enjoy all these wonderful things about the book, they are also being introduced to God and how he created us. Paraphrased scriptures appear at the bottom of some pages, yet another plus. A book worth getting for those special little folks in your life!
I received this book from B & H Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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