Deeds of Darkness By Mel Starr

I cannot get enough of Mel Starr’s books!!! He could write one every month and I would still want to read more! I have all is books and each one is a keeper!
As with all his books, the setting is in the late 1400’s in England. Once again, Hugh deSingleton, bailiff and surgeon to Lord Gilbert Talbot, is off to solve another murder mystery. From the minute I opened the book I could not put it down. Even though each book is the same era and Hugh is the main character, they are never the same! This is crime fighting in the raw as there are obviously no DNA testing or computer data bases to aid in the search for criminals. Hugh never ceases to amazing me with his attention to the minutest details and brilliant deductions with the sparse information he is given. With his great sense of humor and incredible sleuthing I am laughing one minute and trying to guess the outcome another. There is also a wealth of historical information of the customs and ideas of the era. As always, I especially enjoy the surgical practices and family life of the time not often highlighted in murder mysteries. I find the glossary of words from that age at the front of the book extremely interesting. Do you know what a dibble stick, a runcie, or hamsoken is?
Once again Hugh is involved in another murder investigation. A local resident of Bampton has gone missing and his son comes to him for help. His father was headed to Oxford, an hour away to do business which would involve 2 days including an overnight stay at the monastery along the way. Keep in mind most people walked the distance. The father never returned. In his searching Hugh finds that there have been more killings and assaults on this much traveled road. It appears to involve 4 assailants dressed as monks. In addition, many homes are being robbed in both towns.
As usual he has limited clues to go on, gathering a few here and there as he searches. He hates leaving his wife and children with the frequent, long, and dangerous travel between the two towns this job entails. It is concerning because he and his family’s safety are in jeopardy, not only because of the lawbreakers but simply living in medieval times. Another wonderful book by Mel Starr! Immersed in history and suspense! A book you will want to read!
I received this book from Kregel Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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