Lady Jayne Disappears by Joanna Davidson Politano

This is Ms. Politano’s first book and I know without a doubt I will want to read anything she publishes! What a talented writer! I was hooked after I read the first page!
The setting is in England during the 1860’s. Debtor’s prisons were notorious then. Those who owed were locked up until they could pay their debts or someone else would pay for them. Aurelie Harcout grew up in one such prison with her father. He was a famous writer with the penname of Nathaniel Droll. He dies and without finishing the ending to his novel, “Lady Jayne Disappears”. She purposes to finish it under her father’s professional name. All she knows of his wealthy family are the stories he has told. Lady Jayne was her mother. Now left in total poverty and all alone, she is summoned and escorted to the infamous Lynhurst Manor, her father’s family home. She had never met his family. When she arrived they were expecting his personal affects, not a young woman!
Although she grew up in the prison, she is a beautiful, articulate, young woman with strong character. Entering the world outside would have been enough of transition for her, but to be thrust into high society with such a cold, unwelcoming, secretive family was over the top. Though she was only 20, her maturity and strength allowed her to cope with such dignity and grace. I love her sweet and innocent spirit.
This is a wholesome Christian mystery thriller. The plot was outstanding! There were so many surprising developments and totally unexpected turns that I couldn’t put the book down. Don’t’ expect to pre-guess the outcome of any part and prepare to be astonished over and over.
I am finding it difficult to write this review as how to you describe a masterpiece! I can say this; you will WANT to read this book! Ms. Politano has been “engraved” into my favorite author’s list. I cannot wait to read her next book in 2018. I hope she writes many many more!
I received this book from Revell Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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