A Crazy Holy Grace By Frederick Buechner

Loss of any kind, losing a loved one, divorce, any devastating event that changes our lives, is so traumatic and we are never prepared for how complicated it is mentally, emotionally and physically. The tsunami of grief takes our breath away and catches us by surprise for far longer and much deeper than we ever dreamed. It’s been four years since I lost my sweetheart and I am still on the journey.
Some of the best books I have read on death are the ones (like this one) where they author shares their personal story. I am able to relate to areas they share but also feel a common bond of not being alone. Although experiences are varied from person to person there are some common denominators such as two the author addresses in his book: struggling with the pain and dealing with the memories. In these we can all connect.
I appreciated Mr. Buechner’s transparency and honestly in sharing such personal parts of his life. I know people that have tried to avoid grief, pushing away pain and memoires. I love the way Buechner shows us, with God’s help, that there is a path to healing, and remembering the past along with facing our pain is the way to begin. We can get so wrapped up and hyper-focused on our sorrow, (which is normal) that we isolate ourselves from God’s help and that of others. The last part of the book is a gold mine of the author’s varied thoughts concerning loss. It is titled “Secrets, Grace, and the Way God speaks. A few of the subjects are: depression, suicide, tears, dying, letting go and more. I found this book to be very sincere and most of all hopeful.
I received this book from Handlebar Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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