The Christmas Blessing By Melody Carlson

I am always excited when Ms. Carlson publishes and new book and cannot wait to read it. I love the way she captures the true Christmas spirit in so many different ways. All stories are different and filled with faith and surprises. All my other books including this one stays on my bookshelf. I do not even loan them out!
It’s 1944 and men are being shipped off to war at a moment’s notice. Caught up in whirlwind romances and knowing the possibility of being separated for years or forever, it wasn’t uncommon for young couples to give into temptation. This is what happened to Amelia when she fell in love with James. She gives birth to his son only to find out that he is reported dead.
She finds herself with no job and no money to provide for her child. She decides her only hope is to go to James’ parents for help. The problem is they have no clue that her and baby Jimmy even exist. Upon learning that his family is influential and wealthy she cringes at how they might react to her being an unwed mother? Would they believe her story? Will they reject her, and worse yet her son? Does she have any hope?
Bravely she leaves California and travels to his hometown in Montana. There she faces heart wrenching difficulties and serious problems for her and her baby. Things go from bad to worse but she still struggles to go to James’ family. Finally a life threatening situation causes her to make a desperate decision but one made from the depths of love.
My heart ached for Amelia as she struggled. I admired her true mother’s love and devotion, and sacrifices she made for her little boy. The story had many surprises and sudden turns. Ms. Carlson beautifully illustrated the true meaning of Christmas is an unusual and unexpected way. While Amelia was pregnant out of wedlock, her issue was in no way treated as acceptable or appropriate. Another 5 star book! Thank you Melody Carlson!
I received this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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