The Captivating Lady Charlotte By Carolyn Miller

Charlotte was caught up in a time of gaiety and youth. She was being presented to society and the world was her oyster. She is beautiful, her father a marquess, and every handsome titled young man is competing for her attention. What young girls head wouldn’t be whirling?! In youth we have our dreams and plans, having no doubt they will come to pass simply because we want them to. As Lady Charlotte learns life does not always follow our script.
Her head is quickly turned by a dashingly handsome, charming friend of her brothers. She is sure he is “the one”. Her brother knows him and says no but his opinion doesn’t count. It’s her parents and they put an end to all of it believing the best match for her is a not so handsome, rather dull widower, ten years older than her. You can image how crushed and devastated she is. She cringes at the thought of a marriage without love in the name of money and social station.
Her chosen suitor, Duke William Hartington, is a godly man of integrity and faith. He has sadly been through great pain with his deceased wife’s infidelities. He is attracted to Charlotte but his former wife was younger too and he is afraid to trust any women, and certainly with his heart.
This a unique historical romance as you can already realize. It was beautiful to see Charlotte mature from a flighty young girl to a woman that sees the true values that should be present in marriage and that love isn’t just feelings but actions too.
William is an epitome of kindness, patience, and true love with her during this process. The story meant even more by its focus on trusting God for His plans in our lives. The scriptures mentioned and prayers by William truly make a spiritual impression. The book even includes a bit of mystery and danger.
I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed descriptions of the surroundings and social ways of the very wealthy during that era. Something I always look for in an historical novel! A book you will want to read.
I received this book from Kregel Publication in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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