The Cover Story By Deb Richardson-Moore

I so enjoyed Ms. Richardson-Moore’s first book, The Cantaloupe Thief, that I was excited to see another in this series! Branigan Powers is a journalist for a small town newspaper. Her intelligence, eye for detail, and being able to think outside the box once again finds her being more than just a reporter and working with the police on a murder investigation.
It is the Christmas holiday and a niece and a friend are returning home from college. Suddenly a mysterious vintage hearse appears, forcing them off the road and taking the life of the other girl and injuring her niece. Clues begin to appear, leading her to the possible involvement of the local sororities. While this is a beginning Branigan quickly finds the evidence brings more questions than answers! At several points I felt if I could speak to her I would be able to direct her to the murderer, and then the story would veer off in an unexpected direction ending my theory! I love all the surprises!
I liked the homeless man Malachi Martin being included in this book also. He can hear things and go places Ms. Powers cannot, always aiding her search for answers. Yes he has issues but he had a good heart and character. As with her previous book the homeless are a part of the story. It really opens your heart and eyes to their plight and all they deal with we know nothing about.
I appreciate the book deals with crime but without the graphic detail. One disappointment did arise for me with this book. Throughout different parts of the book there were curse words. Even the pastor cursed! Since I assumed this was a Christian mystery, I was a bit shocked. The author is a talented, entertaining writer that does not need to rely on this type of language to enhance or story. Without this the book would have been perfect!
I received a copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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