HELLO STARS By Alena Pitts

By Alena Pitts
We have to face it. Today’s preteens are enamored with stars, music, and dreaming of being in the spotlight. The problem is most of their examples are not wholesome or Christian, This book gives young girls the chance to be a part of the fantasy of stardom but in a pure and godly way.
Lena Daniels never dreamed she would star in a movie, and certainly not with her favorite Christian singer, Mallory Winston. That is exactly what happens when she wins a video audition which she assumed the prize was to meet her idol. She quickly finds out there is much more to being a star that she ever imagined. She discovers it is not all glamour and fun but hard work and responsibility.
This book has so many wonderful features that young girls, parents and grandparents will really appreciate. The Daniel’s are a strong Christian family. They are supportive of one another and live in harmony, showing the importance of family relationships. Prayer is a regular part of their life in all areas. Scriptural concepts are applied to the situations they face as natural as breathing! Girls are able to see how important God is in whatever is happening with big or the small matters.
What is so impressive is that the author is only 13 years old! No wonder she could so accurately capture the emotions of girls as they find themselves dealing with day to day life! Minor incidents adults would think nothing of are devastating to sensitive young ladies. In reading the book I was taken back to that period in my life and how differently experiences were viewed and felt. It’s that magical window of time right before becoming a teen that is accompanied by uncertainty, confusion and innocence.
At the end of each chapter the readers get a peek at what Lena writes in her journal to herself and God. She expresses her joys, doubts, fears, at the same time seeking God. In addition to all these positive features, the book is entertaining, fun and humorous. Even though I am 50+ years past the reading audience’s age, I enjoyed it! Definitely a book you would want your preteens to read! Ms. Pitts has a great future ahead of her as a gifted writer!
I received this book from Handlebar Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I expressed are my own.


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