Would You Like to Know? Collection By Tim Dowley and Graham Jefferson

I really like small book collections for children. There’s just something special about them. This one I found extraordinary. This group includes 6 books:
Would you like to know about God?
Would you like to know Jesus?
Would you like to know the Bible?
Would you like to know how to Pray?
Would you like to know the story of Christmas?
Would you like to know the story of Easter?
This collection covers the basic doctrinal foundations of Christianity. It is hard to express how impressed I was with how the authors very simply and clearly stated the most important truths. In the books about prayer and the Bible, they did a beautiful job of introducing how to apply and practice spiritual disciplines. All were written where a child could easily understand the concepts. The illustrations are colorful and not busy. Through them a little one could understand what was written even more plainly.
Each book is just the size for little hands, sturdy, and printed on glossy paper. The come in nice strong slip cover.
I only found one item concerning. In the book Would you like to know Jesus, the plan of salvation is shared. That was fine. It was the way the prayer to accept Christ was presented. This is a serious step and must be fully understood. I felt the idea was conveyed that you just pray a prayer and you are saved. This is misleading, as they need to know why they are praying this prayer. Children are easily led and must be dealt with delicately in this area.
Other than that I found the books to be exceptional in every way. These would make a great gift.
I was provided a review copy of this book set by Kregel Publications, with no expectation of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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