You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir By Melissa Ohden

Abortion is touted as a “quick fix” for a “problem”, that problem being an innocent child. Statistics show it may be a quick fix, but the ramifications for this is far reaching and damaging not only causing the death of a child but also to the parents and their families. Ms. Ohden introduces the another side to this that is seldom mentioned or heard about in the media and print. The baby that survives the brutal procedure, what does the future hold for these tiny victims, emotionally and physically? This book reveals their story.
Melissa Ohden knew she was adopted when she was an infant. She grew up in a very loving happy home. Most adoptees come to the point they want to find their birth mother and the question always niggles in the back of their mind, “Why was I not wanted.” Imagine finding out in addition that you survived a botched abortion! This is what happened to her.
She tells her story openly and honestly. Poignantly sharing the myriad of emotions and confusion she went through. With the support of her husband she begins a search for her birth mother to not only meet her but ask “why”. It is a long, difficult and painful search, but upon finding her the answer she receives is shocking.
Being so young and learning such devastating information could have destroyed her, but it did not. Her story is a beautiful one of not only of courage, and a strong faith in God but remarkable forgiveness. She harbors no bitterness. Her testimony is amazing. Out of her sorrow, she found a way to help others like her.
She has testified for the U.S. House of Representative and Senate, and the Australia Parliament. Melissa founded The Abortion Survivors Network which takes her across the U.S. teaching about failed abortion survivors and supplying emotional, mental, and spiritual support to them. A marvelously written story that will touch your heart in ways you never expected.
I received this book from Plough Publishing House through Handlebar. I was not required to give a positive review, the opinions I stated are my own.


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