Effortless Healing By Dr. Joseph Mercola

I have long been a fan of Dr. Mercola. For many years I have read his articles and received his newsletter. He never fails to teach me something new or give me insight in ways to live a healthier life, naturally. He has a straightforward, no nonsense approach to explaining things. While he very strongly believes in what he is sharing, he is never pushy or makes you feel bad you aren’t applying everything.
Best of all, he practices what he teaches! I was very excited to have the opportunity to read this book!
I must say I as skeptical about the “effortless” part of the title concerning improving my health, but it is true! We do what we are supposed to and our body will heal as it was created to. The hard part is personal motivation and commitment to make the changes. He guides, we choose. When I started reading I presumed the ideas would be near impossible to implement. I was so wrong! This is something everyone can do!
The suggestions are simple and inexpensive. I liked this as many health books recommend many rather expensive ideas that are not in everyone’s budget. Resources are included after each chapter so you have access to products that will aid you.
Each 9 areas he discusses are ones those of us wanting to improve the quality of our health struggle with; water purity and hydration, eating more vegetables, burning fat, exercise (this one will surprise you), Sunlight and vitamin D, digestive health, sleep, ways to stay grounded (a very interesting chapter!), and health foods to avoid. The last chapter helps you create a healing plan that fits you.
I cannot even begin to tell all the new things I have learned from this book, and I have studied these many areas of health in depth for years!! The changes I make will be gradual but now I not only have goals in sight, but the tools to reach them! A book you will definitely want to read if you are serious about your health!
I received this book from the Blogging For Books Program in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own.


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