The Christmas Angel Project By Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson is the queen author of Christmas novels! They are the cozy snuggle up and read stories even when it isn’t Christmas time! Abby has a special way of touching people’s lives personally and for the Lord. When she dies suddenly, her monthly book club which consists of her and 4 other ladies is devastated, even lost. None of them had much in common other than their friendship Abby. Even more so they each depended on her greatly for emotional support and spiritual advice. They decide to meet one more time before disbanding the club. Her husband delivers sack filled with gifts for each one for the next meeting.
Opening their presents bring tears as they are beautiful handmade angel ornaments that looks exactly like the one receiving it. Included for all of them was a personal hand written note about how grateful she was for their friendships, and how they were all her “angels”. The certainly never saw themselves as angels, just Abby.
They decide in honor of their friend, to keep the club together but in a different way. Inspired by her message they would each become a Christmas angel, working to make miracles come true in the lives of others. They depart excited but perplexed. Each lady had been so wrapped up in her personal life, problems, and career, they hadn’t thought much about serving God and the needs of others. Individually the ask themselves question, what could they do, what were they capable of doing, and how would be do it?
As the story unfolds all 4 ladies choose very different plans to accomplish their goal. Deeply buried God given talents emerged as they found ways to bless others.
The women also found a new awakening in their relationship with the Lord. Their personal lives began to change in ways they never imagined.
There were so many wonderful life lessons in this book! When you have only one person to depend on for your deepest needs and that person is taken, you are lost. That is why it is so important to have God as number one in your life. He will always be there
Also just was with the club members, life and all its drama and business can consume us. Unknowingly we shut God out of our lives and struggle along alone. This backslidden condition also tends to make us very self-centered, unable to see or care about those around us. This book was so inspiring!
I received this book free from Revell Publishing.


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