Tease Monster By Julia Cook

When our girls were growing up, I can remember working hard at teaching them the difference between teasing and bullying. Our motto was, “If it isn’t fun for everyone then it’s not fun!” With bullying being such an epidemic among children, they all need to know which is which, and when they are crossing the line.
The characters are very unusual as most books go; they are all a number “One”. What makes them different is the various colors except for “one”. (pardon the pun) He distinguished from the others by many colors and designs. His name is “One of a Kind.” Pretty catchy huh? The emphasis of course is how very unique he is compared to his peers.
He shares funny little characteristics about himself that make him special. Just as with anyone that isn’t like everyone else, he is teased a lot. To make it even worse is best friend teases him! One returns home from school after a particularly hard day and feels awful! He rushes into the house and tells is very wise Mom all that has happened.
She explains that teasing is just a part of life but there is a difference someone being playful or just mean. She also cautions him to look at himself and see what kind of kidding around he does. Mom shares coping skills with One to help him better respond to others. The next day he applies these each time he is teased or bullied. The day turns out great!
To a young child both activities are painful. This colorful book with funny characters is written rhyme which makes it even more appealing. It truly equips children to emotionally, mentally and verbally deal with teasing and bullying. At the end of the book are tips for adults to help children further. I love these books!! Go to http://www.juliacookonline.com to see more of the author’s books!


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