Planning isn’t My Priority By Julia cook

I know Ms. Cooks books are for children, but so many of them are perfect for adults too! Her straight forwardness, simplicity, and unique way of putting things in perspective can speak to all ages!
Too often we view planning and making priorities as taking too much effort and time. Why do that when we can just “get busy” and “do it”? Once again her two characters Cletus and Bocephus are at opposite ends of the spectrum.
The fun cousins are back! Planning guru Bocephus is super organized with his time. He never faces the stress deadlines unprepared, forgotten items or dates with friends and more.
Poor fly by the seat of his pants Cletus lives in the “now’ and is constantly facing problems, difficulties and crisis’s due his LACK of planning.
By the hand of fate the two cousins are put together to work on a science project together. Bocephus of course has a grand plan to ensure their success and a good grade. Cletus is much too interested in all the interesting distractions coming his way. As you can probably guess there is a bit of disaster and some heated feelings as the work on the assignment together.
Both boys learn valuable lessons. Cletus learns the importance of setting priorities and having a plan. Bocephus discovers that while priorities are vital but being flexible, anticipating the unexpected, and being patient with others is just as important.
The end of the book has wonderful questions and tips to help children (and adults) learn how to plan and prioritize. Ms. Cook’s great illustrations and added humor add so much to the lesson and story. Another great book by Julia Cook!
Go to to see more of the author’s books!


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