Fraying at the Edge By Cindy Woodsmall

Babies being mixed up at the hospital and sent home with the wrong family are found on news stories here and there all the time. All sorts of complications arise from such a mistake. Ms. Woodsmall turned this type of occurrence into a very interesting book that brings all sorts of thoughts and questions to mind. An English and Amish baby switched at birth! Even more intriguing is that is it not revealed until 20 years later when they are grown and their lifestyles are very deeply ingrained. How complicated can it get!
Ariana Brenneman and Skylar Nash were accidentally swapped at the birthing center their mothers both were at. Ariana is adheres 100% to her Amish beliefs, and Skylar is very much a part of the modern culture and world.
Ariana’s birth father, Nicholas, doesn’t want to leave it there. He wants to get to know the daughter he lost. Threatening to sue the now elderly midwife, both girls are forced to go live with their birth families for one year. He is no longer married to Ariana’s mom which adds even more difficulties to the arrangement. Being an atheist he wants her to change everything and become an Englisher. He makes her a list of things he wants her to try, and most go against all her beliefs and many are even sinful. Trying to be an obedient daughter she agrees but it tears at the heart of who she is.
Skylar is told she can go to a drug rehab for her addiction or go live with her Amish biological parents. She chooses the later as the lesser of two evils in her eyes but still very much against her will.
Will each girl change to fit the family they now live with? This isn’t just an Amish culture vs. modern culture story. It digs deep inside of how seriously Christian beliefs or lack of them guide and direct the lives of believers. Each characters feelings, perceptions, and experiences were vividly portrayed, giving me the opportunity to really look at the differences. The girls learned a great deal about themselves of course. Not only they but the reader are faced with the realization who we are runs much deeper than how we dress or where we live but also the need to examine those beliefs and see if they are truly of God. A great book. I can’t wait to read the next one and see what Ariana chooses! I received a copy this book from Blogging for Books and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The comments and opinions expressed are strictly my own.


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