When There Are No Easy Answers By John Feinberg

When something tragic happens in our life, that alters it forever, there is the tendency to ask “Why?” Sadly there is never an answer to this question, and if there were, none could bring relief and comfort.
Mr. Feinberg openly, transparently, and honestly walks the reader through grappling with the “whys” of personal tragedy. He shares his step by step is journey of pain from the diagnosis of his wife’s Huntington disease to acceptance, as one who has been there. I could relate to much of what he shared in relation to the death of my husband. He helps the reader understand that God is loving and caring even though He does not prevent bad things from happening to His children. The author shares his rawest emotions and thoughts as he wrestled with the unchangeable circumstances his family faced. He delves deep into scriptures to not to answer that age old question, but to find the help and strength that is needed to go on.
The book also does a wonderful job of instruction friends and family in how to be a support to one facing such challenges. This includes things NOT to do and some of these might surprise you as they are fairly common offerings when people try to minister to those that are hurting. Though it might sound like a depressing subject, this book is one of hope and healing.
I received this book free from Kregel Publications in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have stated are my own.


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